Zinc for Acne

Who does not know zinc? Maybe zinc is not an unfamiliar word to all of you. Zinc is one of the substances that body needs and it is obtained through the food ingredients that people consumed. However, according to some studies show that zinc is useful to overcome the problem of acne. This thing has been indicated by research that states that the lower levels of zinc in one’s body means the more severe the condition of the acne in the skin. The matter above did not escape by the ability of zinc. The ability of zinc is functioning as an anti-oxidant and has the ability to heal the wounds. So we can draw the conclusion that zinc levels in the body do affect the growth of acne. But zinc levels in the body are categorized as the cause of acne from inside the body. Other than that some of the zinc function which proves that zinc is good for acne among others is as a powerful antioxidant substance, have an ability to rejuvenate skin cells, have ability to decrease the excessive of oil production, as an anti-biotic or anti-bacterial and can help to reduce the inflammation. Below is some zinc for acne products.

Vitamin World-Zinc for Acne Zinc for acne is a product from vitamin world brand. this is zinc for acne product that’s consists of 50 mg high quality zinc and supported by the vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. those vitamin is to maximize the works. The vitamin A is works to make the skin healthier, the vitamin C works to create the collagen and vitamin E as the anti-oxidant to protect from free radicals. In one container of zinc for acne it has 50 tablets that can be used for one month. In a day, the adult can consume the zinc maximum 2 tablets after meal.

Zinc for Acne – Puritan’s PrideThis zinc product is called come from a trusted brand that has been proven for more than 40 years.  The products of that brand had also been through 15 tests before entering the market. They do claims that they have zinc for acne product which contents of high potency zinc supplement. In a container have 50 tablets that provide combinations of vitamin and zinc. Several vitamins inside are vitamin c, vitamin B-6, vitamin A and vitamin E. that’s why it is called multivitamin.the Zinc for Acne by Puritan’s pride also claimed that their product have no contents of flavor, sugar, lactose, milk, soy, gluten, artificial color, wheat, yeast, sodium and shellfish. So it is safe to consume, but not for the pregnant of nursing woman. For them, have to consult with the doctor first. How to use the zinc for acne is basically same with another zinc product which is 2 tablets per day and should be after meal.

If you think that you are not confident enough to use those product, you can use another way which is by consume the natural ingredients. The source of zinc is not to find, even it was around of us. For examples are meat, oyster, wheat germ, poultry, liver, cheese, and scallop.  So you can consume without afraid the impact.


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