This accessory is a real tradition and lately more and more worn again. A veil is yet not trendy? The opposite is true! Sometimes associated with a particular dress a veil. You can dress a veil just fine with the rest of your outfit. It can completely in style.

Long & short bridal veils

When choosing a veil, it is important that it is a good combination with your wedding dress. For example it is very nice to combine a long veil with a beautiful empire dress.

Decorated with lace or simple

Additionally, you can choose between veils adorned with lace, patterns, or just go for the smooth release. There are several ways you can wear a veil, as you probably know, the veil that is worn over the face, but you can also opt for a small veil that is processed in the rest of your bridal hairstyle, for example in a bun or with a diadem. The birdcage veil is also currently quite hip and trendy. Read more about this trend in our blog Bridal Hairstyle Birdcage. What you should know about the bridal veil

When you wear the veil?

If we had the earlier traditions may believe the veil just for the time you are taken by your father to the altar. Today it is a must-have and a beautiful accessory. Onwijs cool it looks! Of course, such a veil is only used in the ceremony and in the legal agreement and not to the party itself. That would be very inconvenient.

When you buy the bridal veil?

In general, it is convenient to buy your veil in the bridal shop where you’ve found your wedding dress. So you can put the veil exactly match the wedding dress and all other accessories. Do you want your veil still buy in another case? Always make sure you have a piece of fabric from your wedding dress with you, for example, to avoid color variations!

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