Several Types of Acne Scars and How to Treat It

You have to admit that you want to be free of acne. However, not having acne does not mean that you will not have acne scars. There are many types of acne scars that you have to deal with after the acne is gone. Acne scar is something that lasts for decades. However, it does not mean that you cannot remove it. Your dream of having smooth skin is still achievable. It is obvious that the way to remove the acne scar is different depends on the type of scar itself. Here are several types of acne scars that you have to know and how to deal with them.


The first types of acne scars that you need to know is keloid. Some people have the possibility to grow keloid when they have scars in their body, included acne scar. This type of scar will be bumpy and raised. This kind of scar can occurs because your body is trying to heal the scar but it accidentally produces too many cells. In order to treat it, there are not many things to do. You will need a shot of cortisone but there is no guarantee that the keloid will be completely removed. The only way to completely remove the keloid is by getting laser treatment.

Types of Acne Scars and How to Treat It

types of acnescars

Scars that Makes Holes

Other Types of acne scars that you might experience is icepick acne scar. It looks like you form a hole on your skin by puncturing your skin with tiny needle. If you ever used a needle to puncture a fabric and made a hole on it, then this is what your acne scar looks like. This type of scar is the result of cystic acne since the scar is narrow but deep. In order to treat this type of scar, it is better for you to have chemical peels. Actually, it is kind of making new scar by burning it so that the skin will heal itself. However, the scar can be worse. A laser treatment is still the best choice to remove the acne.

Scars that Makes Skin Wavy

You might also have the type of scar in which your skin looks wavy. It is a result of a long-term inflammatory acne which is also called rolling acne scar. It can get worse as you are getting older. Actually, if you stretch your skin, the scar might not be seen. There are several ways to treat this type of scars. Still, laser treatment is a choice, but if you want another way, you can try facial fillers.

Scars with Deeper Wound

The opposite of rolling acne scar is boxcar acne scar. This type of scar is also wavy but it has sharper edges and tends to be shallow. It happens because of the scar tissue is pulled downward, It looks like something pressed your skin but it does not bounce back. If you have this type of scar, you can try using subsicion which is done by professional dermatologist to break up the scar tissue. You can also get collagen-boasting which will help the skin to produce more collagen to fill the hole.

Scars with Darker Color

Last, there is also the type of acne scars that leave dark mark on the skin. Well, actually it is not included to scar. It happens because your skin produced too much melanin as the result of inflammation. Each person has different way to treat the hyperpigmentation. Some people might let it go by itself but some others cannot wait long enough for the scar to go. There are many skin treatments which target dark spots and can be used to these Types of acne scars. You can also cover it with makeup and concealer if you want a quick solution.

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