Nodular Acne Identification and Treatment

Acne is a skin problem caused by the dirty face and lack of skin care. The acne problem usually arises when someone didn’t give skin care properly towards their skin. How it comes, is when the dirt left behind the skin. The acne is not just growth on the face but also in other part of the body such as back and neck. There are several types of acne with the different caused. One of the examples is nodular care.

What is it?

Nodular acne is a kind of acne that have bigger than regular acne. The nodular acne is also inflamed and a bit hurt if you touch. The acne wills colored likes redness. Generally it caused by the dirt meet the dead cell skin. The nodular acne will left severe scarring, that’s why it supposed to be handled by the doctor or dermatologist. The root of the nodular acne is deep inside the skin. You must be careful in treat the nodular acne, because if it is not then it can be acne cysts.

nodular acne

Nodular Acne Identification and Treatment

 The Causes

There are some causes of nodular acne. The first one is misuse of makeup product, this is that common happens. Before use the makeup product, you should check the ingredients to make sure that it suitable for you or you can check the review of that makeup. Second is heredity, this one is hard to be denied. Because its hormone from our parents, the best way to do is find how to treat it well. Third is allergic, this might relate to the first reason. But allergic is not just from the makeup product, sometimes comes from the food that we consume.

 How to treat

When you have nodular acne, the first thing to do is maintain the cleanliness of your skin. Be diligent to wash your skin especially when you are just come back from the outside. Second is tried to use the skin care products that suitable to your skin type. It is going to be better if you find the product that free of alcohol, free of parabens, use natural ingredients or water based product. Third way to treat the nodular acne is go to the dermatologist. If you already try the first and second way but still failed, just choose the safest way which is go to the dermatologist and check your skin.

That’s all about the nodular acne. Hope it will help you, thank you.

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