The Effectiveness of Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

There are many types of acne treatment such as use the natural ingredients, use the chemical pruducts or the instant way is through laser treatment. The technology development makes everything is easy to do, one of it is laser treatment for acne. Even though its quiet dangerous with all the risk, but still there are a lot of people prefer to choose this way. The list below is about the laser treatment.

  • Therapy Pneumatik Photo

This is laser treatment for acne that use the tools like vacuum cleaner. The way it works is by absorb the dirt in the skin. For examples likes bacteria, dusk and other free radicals inside the pores. Not just that, but it also will close the pores and decrease the oil gland.

The Effectiveness of Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

laser treatment for acne scars

  • Diode Laser therapy

This laser treatment for acne will makes you feel hurt when it works. The objective to control the sebaceous gland that highly produce oil skin. Usually before start the therapy, the doctor will give anesthesia to decrease the hurt feeling.

  • Photodynamic

Photodynamic is kind of laser treatment for acne that use laser blue and red. The way it works is through the combination of laser and topical meditations. Before start the treatment, there will be part of photosensitizing to increase the skin sensitivity in accepting laser. When the treatment run, your face will swelling, redness and dryness.

  • Blue light laser treatment for acne

This is the easy way of laser treatment without get hurt. The treatment use low intensity of blue laser that has proven effective to clear the acne. To do this treatment, there are some session that have to pass. Lastly, even it was doesn’t hurt but after treatment you will feel dryness and get redness.

  • Combination of light throb and heat

The way it works is the heat energy collaborate with light throb to decrease the sebaceous gland. Sebaceous gland is the place of oil reproductive. By decrease the gland, so the change to get the acne also will decrease.

If we see the laser treatment above maybe we fill that it was the instant way, even though it will spend a lot of money. But for your information there are also the negative impacts of use laser treatment for acne. First is you should avoid the direct sun shine, because your skin has been used the laser and it means that you shouldn’t get the direct sun shine. The second one is you have to accept that your skin will look redness because the thin skin cell. The last is your skin looks dryness and more sensitive.

In conclusion even it works well, it will be better if you just use the natural one. Because there is no side effect of using natural ingredients. Especially for young, because laser also can makes your skin age more than it should be. Don’t just think about the looks, but think also about the healthiness. Its all from us, hope you enjoy it and thank you.

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