What Cause Baby Acne?

Have you ever heard about the baby acne? Baby acne is acne that appears in a baby or an infant. It’s not something new, because regularly it happens to most babies in the world. Usually it was appear when the baby in zero to two years old. Most of the case shows that it was appears after 2 weeks of the birth and will be disappear for some months later. It can appear in all part of the baby’s body. But mostly it’s appearing in the cheek, nose and forehead. The symptoms of baby acne is the appearance of a rash that shaped like a pimple, have red color and small size. The acne is growing faster when the baby feels like their skin is hot.

The cause

The baby acne is not just arising without any factors. The factors can be the descendant factor from their parents or sometimes come from the treatment of the baby. For the details, just read some causes of the baby acne below.

  • Hormone

It is minim of possibility if the baby acne is got by their self. Because the baby just life in this world for few times. Most of the research stated that the baby acne is caused by the hormone in that body. Absolutely it comes from their parents. The hormone is kind of oil glands called hormone adrenal androgen. The hormone comes through the placenta when the baby birth or through the breast milk from the mother. It was because in the end of the pregnancy, the mother hormone will be transferred to the baby through placenta. The hormone that comes to the baby will be influence hormone changing inside the baby’s hormone and the impact is the existence of the baby acne.

  • Medicine

The facts shows that the medicine consumed by the mother when she were pregnant also on factor of the baby acne. Some case also shows about the medicine that consume by the mother who have breast milk or the medicine that consumed by that baby itself. The medicines that usually can cause the baby acne are steroid oral or even topical, anti-depression medicine and also the contraception medicine.

  • Treatment

The baby acne also arises when the baby got miss treatment. As usual that not all skin type will be fit or match with all products. That happens also to the baby skin. That is why we have to be careful when choose the product for the baby. We should know the ingredients that consist of the product that we use. The misuse of the product sometimes blocks the baby’s skin pores, so the oil will be stack and produce the acne. Besides the product, the way we treat also be one factor. We have to keep the hygiene of baby’s skin.

How to Treat

After we know about the cause of the baby acne, we have try as hard to against the cause. We also can do some way or treatment to overcome the baby acne. Such as kept the hygiene, use the right product, have a healthy pregnancy and so on. Below is the treatment that we can do to avoid the baby acne.

– wash the baby skin with the soft soap and water for once a day. Make sure the soap product that you use is soft, so it would not make the irritation to the baby skin. If you don’t know the soft soap baby product, just find the product that have the content of emollients inside.

– use the soft towel; it is not hard to find. Because nowadays there are so many baby towel in the market. Make sure that you use that towel, not use the adult towel. To use it, just pat it slowly to the baby skin.

– Do not rub the baby skin because it will make the baby skin going to be irritated. Just tap it continuously.

– Avoid the oily product, because it will block the baby pores and stack in the skin. So it will not solve the baby acne problem but make it worst.

– Do not use the acne treatment likes acne spot gel, acne cream or anything else if it is not a recommendation from the doctor. The use of baby oil or cream also not suggested.

– Make sure the hygiene of the baby skin is well maintained. It is the most important thing that you should remember. Because the poorly maintained of hygiene is the main cause of the baby acne. But you should also remember do not wash the baby skin too much.

– Do not touch the baby acne because it will make the conditions become worst. Meanwhile your skin is not sterile and by touch it will make the irritation also infection.

– Try to keep out the baby conditions from sweating. For that things, do not use the clothes that cause highly production of sweat such as made of thickness. Use the clothes that can absorb the sweat such as cotton.

– Related to the current option, keep the room air humidity. Do not too hot or too cold. Make sure that it was normal.

– This is for the mother. Mother should know what that they can consume and what that they shouldn’t consume. As we know that mother will be going to be the closest person to the baby. So it will be impactful, especially for those who give the breast milk for the baby. Do not consume the oily food and consume high amount of water.

– If the conditions is not being better. Just go to the doctor and consult about that. You can bring to the pediatrician or the dermatologist.

Well, those all about the treatment that you can do at home by yourself. More than that, please consult to the doctor to make sure that your baby’s condition not going to be worst. Hope the article above helps you to know more about the baby acne and how to treat the case. Thank you

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