We know that you had weddings in late summer have an advantages. The air is mild and registry offices and churches are booked no longer in months. If you marry this particular season, the conditions must be right. The season just the menu at the wedding should be adjusted. We talked to the food expert and bring the best tips for a Late Summery Wedding Menu.

Tips from the expert recommends for receiving at weddings in Spätersommer a glass of wine peach Bellini garden with rose ice cubes. In almost every event, and especially for a wedding, the guests are happy about a reception with small appetizers and a glass until the hard society is complete. Ideal are a few small bar tables that can accommodate the glass. Here, the wedding guests have the opportunity to welcome each and kennezulernen yourself.

Menus instead of breakfast. In addition the expert recommends a served meal. Of course, also wonderful buffets with Eisblütengefäßen and similar things can decorate. However, the hot holding of a court without a certain loss of quality. Even the better Kenne learning of guests serves a buffet not necessarily. This is possible relaxing at dancing and games, buffets, however, creating an uneasy atmosphere.

Romantic flowers wide variety of late-summer flowers are edible: roses, bluebells, lilies, cornflowers, dahlias, marigolds, hollyhocks, nasturtiums, borage, sunflower, sweet peas, pansies, lavender, hibiscus, gypsophila and Heliotro.

They produce beautiful visual and culinary delights in the context of a romantic flowers menu that fits perfectly with the late-summer atmosphere. You could also create a menu in fine-tuning with flower symbolism and thus can speak the flowers. A wedding cake can be wonderfully decorate with flowers.

Flowers delight culinary herbs. The flowers of our herbs are available at the end of summer and highly decorative. Not only are the flowers of varied basil, the pretty little blue oregano chives flower umbels or pink look elegant. The lesser-known intense red flowers of pineapple sage are ideal for decorating. Pumpkin and zucchini flowers are ideal for stuffing.

A late summery menu for your wedding Sautéed ceps with summer salad and oregano flowersSpring rolls with shrimp, herbs and flowers, hoisin CashewdipSorbet summer basil with olive oil Chilled cucumber soup with shrimp and borage flowers. White tomato cream soup with herb cream and calendula petalsVeal fillet with stuffed zucchini flowers and Créme tagliatelleChar fillets, fried on the skin with parsley potato, colorful bell peppers ragout and blue bells Homemade Ravioli with