The presentation of the wedding cake is one of the highlights of any wedding celebration – and probably for some guests quietly awaited sweets. With so much delicious splendor, it is no wonder that the wedding cake has always been with symbolism, many customs and traditions is surrounded.

Whether you believe in a grain of truth in those legends or dismiss it all as superstition. Traditions such as the cutting of the wedding cake bring good mood at the wedding reception for newlyweds and guests alike. We have collected some old and newer customs for you.

The cutting of the wedding cake

When cutting the wedding cake all eyes are focused on the couple, because here decides according to ancient tradition, who will have the final say in marriage: He whose hand is the cutting up, thus literally has the “upper hand”.

Therefore, many brides and grooms try to keep the knife so that they run it together – or one of the partners can obviously lead to the other, which often makes for some laughs. Caution: The bride and groom should not be handed the knife personally, because the bearer experienced by this gesture misfortune. The couple must resort to often provided with loop knife itself.

The kiss on the wedding cake brings the blessing of children

The intimate kiss on the wedding cake according to old custom makes for lavish children. But take note: please ensure Especially in multi-story wedding cake wedding dress on balance and so the kiss avoid unintentionally makes for more of a fuss than intended.

The five levels of wedding cake

The five-story wedding cake is considered symbolic and is therefore often chosen by brides and grooms, who value religious traditions. The five levels are available for individual life stages of the wedding couple: birth, Communion or Confirmation, wedding, blessing of children, and finally death.

The little surprise: Coffee beans

A nice custom is in the wedding cake stuffs becoming baked two coffee beans: A natural and roasted. Whoever finds the unroasted beans in his piece of cake, which is to remain single forever, the lucky finder of roasted coffee bean, however, will find happiness soon after marriage.

The freezing of the wedding cake

A recent tradition is freezing a piece of wedding cake. This is eaten by reveling in memories bride and groom on the first wedding anniversary. Sentimental newlyweds keep it forever even in the depths of her freezer as a tangible piece of lifelong happiness