Acne ICD 10 Code ?

Before we are going to know acne icd 10, firstly we would discuss about what is icd. Icd is an abbreviation international statistical classification of diseases and related health program. We can say that it was a report or book that contains about the code of disease, abnormal finding, and social circumstances. The icd has classification that same with the world health organization do. ICD-10 means the international statistical classification of diseases and related health program tenth revision.

To explain the diseases, the icd-10 divided in to twenty two chapters and every chapter has several blocks. Those all blocks are contain of the health problem. Such as about the neoplasm, diseases of the nervous system, circulatory system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system and many other. Meanwhile in every block there will be the clinical information and the codes related to.

acne icd 10 code

In acne icd 10 is classified in chapter XII, blocks L00-L99 about the disease of the skin and subcutaneous. More precisely, acne is placed in L70. The explanation of acne icd-10 the clinical information is consists of four. The first is skin ailment that brings to inflamed coming from oil and hair glands, second is inflammation marked by those two glands, third is can caused pimples formed by the clog up of the hair follicles and it caused by the hormone changes, the food and dirty skin. Then, the last is acne caused by the pilosebaceous apparatus which marked by the increasing of sebum in the skin.

Acne ICD 10 Code

The icd-10 also give suggestions when you get acne you should clean your skin, do not touch the skin, try to avoid the sunshine and the conditions will be worse by your stress level. The icd-10 gives the types of acne that consists of acne vulgaris with the code of L70.0, acne conglobata L10.1, acne varioliformis L70.2, acne tropica L70.3, infantile acne L70.4, acne excoriess L70.5 and other acne L70.8.


Well those all are the about the acne icd-10. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you

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