Acne Cream Based in Natural Ingredients

Acne cream is a common treatment for acne, almost any types of acne. Acne itself is a very common skin disorder that happens to millions of people in US alone. Some people suffer from mild to moderate acne problems while others suffer from severe acne types like cysts and nodular acne. This particular skin condition definitely requires particular treatment like special cream or acne. Since it is a common skin problem, the acne treatment product has been becoming among the most best selling skin products. The fact that more people are exposed to modern day air pollution, increasing hormones presence and junk foods invasion, this problem becomes more common.

Nature-Based Acne Cream

Most people prefer to use the medical or chemical based treatment for acne including those prescribed by the healthcare professionals. However, there are also some people who choose to go all natural by using the nature-based acne cream. Which one is more effective? Well, actually the nature-based treatment can be effective as long as it is used in long term and applied for mild to moderate acne problem. So, the natural acne cream can definitely be a solution. Moreover, this kind of cream is also cheaper and you can even make it yourself.

Acne Cream Based in Natural Ingredients

anti acne cream

Cream with Vit C Powder

Vitamin C is quite popular among the acne sufferers. That’s because this particular vitamin has been proven very effective and beneficial to help treating acne. It is even more beneficial than the vitamin A when it comes to acne. Therefore, supplying the skin with vitamin C either topically applied or internally is a good choice to help getting rid of the acne for good. Antioxidant is contained in vit C so it helps to fight the free radical damage through electron donation. At the same time, it boosts the production of collagen to make sure the acne heals much faster.

Cream with Rosehip Seed Oil

Another beneficial substance is the rosehip seed oil which is rich in nutrients like vitamin C, E, B-carotene, essential fatty acids and more others. It works to prevent acne, fight the UV damage, heal the acne scars and prevent premature skin aging. As it is rich in vitamin A, it helps to make the skin tone more even, lighten the blemishes and scars and smoothen the skin appearance.

Cream with Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is another beneficial substance from nature for treating acne. It is known for having antiseptic, anti fungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial and disinfectant properties. With all those properties, it can help to kill the harmful bacteria causing acne vulgaris. At once, it also removes dirt, impurities, germs logged inside the pores and cleanses skin pores.

Cream with Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is popular for its scent but is also known for its beneficial use for acne. Not only does it fight pimples and acne but it also reduces the skin scarring. At the same time, it is beneficial to lighten the old scars. Since it is rich in anti-inflammatory, it can reduce the redness and swelling of deep rooted pimples and cystic acne.

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